App Review: Bitsboard

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Here at the SLP Center, we are always on the hunt for ways to make speech fun and engaging for our clients, and Bitsboard is a phenomenal way to do just that!

Bitsboard allows you to create flashcards – really for anything!  You create a “board”, or a set, of flashcards.  You type in the target word, phrase, or sentence, and then select a picture from any of Bitsboard’s included images or search the internet and add an internet image.  You can flashcards to speak the word aloud, or not.  You can either use the program’s voice or you can record your own!

The app also allows users to play games to review their flashcards, including true or false, memory, match up, word builder, pop quiz, and several other options.

The great thing is that you can share a board that you create with any other iPad that has Bitsboard on it.  This way you can not only use flashcards you create in therapy, but also at home!

We’ve used Bitsboard to help build vocabulary, practice articulation target sounds in words, phrases, and sentences, practice past tense verb conjugation, learn attributes, and enhance word-finding skills.  The options really are endless!