Treatment Tip Tuesday: Use Books

Most of you are already spending at least a few minutes every day reading with your child.  Why not use this time to address some of his/her therapy goals?

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  • If your child is working on articulation goals, read books that target his/her errored speech sounds 
    • For the /k/ sound, try: Kiss the Cow by, Phyllis Root
    •  For the /f/ sound, try: One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by, Dr. Seuss
  • If your child is working on follow directions, incorporate some direction following into your reading time 
    • Example: While looking at a page of the book, give your child three things to point it: "point to the bird, the house and then the tree".  See if he/she can follow all parts of the direction without your help! 
  • If your child is working on concepts, choose a book that incorporates these concepts.  
    • Example: Opposites by, Sandra Boynton

 Be creative and think about books that may allow you to model good speech and language skills for your child, while getting in some reading time too! 

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