Treatment Tip Tuesday

Whether you are an SLP working with clients in therapy or a parent helping your child work on his/her homework from therapy, board games are a great tool!

Here are some tips to help you use games while working on therapy targets:

1.  Choose games that allow you to take frequent turns.  Before each turn you must complete a therapy target (e.g. say a target word, answer a question, make up a sentence that contains a target word, etc...)

2.  Choose games with a lot of pieces!  For example, the game Bunny Hop, which is picture above.  Have the child help you "set up" the game by putting the bunnies in their holes.  Before you give the child a bunny have him/her complete a therapy task (e.g. have a list of therapy words for him/her to say, say a target sound in isolation for each bunny, etc...).

3.  Throw out the rules!  Play the game however you or your child likes without worrying about the rules.  The point is to work on therapy targets and have fun so as long as you are doing those two things, the rules don't matter!

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