Meet the Therapist: Sara

Welcome back to our Meet the Therapist series!  We love to hear about our clients' interests and activities outside of speech therapy, and we thought you'd enjoy hearing a few fun facts about our therapists.  We're excited to welcome the newest member of our team, Sara!

Sara has been with the company since September of 2014.  She is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and has previous experience working with adults in a skilled nursing facility.  Read on to find out more about Sara:

Where are you from?

Billerica, Massachusetts

What do you like most about Boston?

I like everything about Boston! The food, the sports teams, the museums, the vibe… I grew up visiting the city regularly and I love it.

How did you decide to become an SLP?

If I’m being honest, I decided to become an SLP by accident. I began college with a different path in mind, but I took a few classes in Communication Disorders, just to fill requirements and ended up loving it! A few classes lead to a few more and I was hooked in no time! I’m so happy I stumbled upon this field.

What are your professional areas of interest?

The thing I love about this field is the variety! I’ve developed a stronger interest in working with language, AAC, cognition, and swallowing/feeding.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read, go to the beach (even in January), and hang out with my family!

What is your favorite food?

Ice cream, no contest. Any flavor, any time.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Sara!  To meet the other therapists on our team, click here and here.  As always, keep in touch by visiting our website or Facebook page.