App Review: rubycube

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Looking for a fun new app to try out for story comprehension and retell?  Check out rubycube!  The app supports multiple different stories (give “Trudy Goes to the Beach” a look – such a great summer story to remind you of what sun looks like in the middle of winter!). 

Once you enter the story, there are several great features to support comprehension and retell.  The story includes a minimally animated image (perfect for stimulating interest, but not too distracting), and specific phrases are highlighted in blue – when you click on these, the user gets to select the semantically correct phrase from 4-5 options.

You can set the app to read aloud for you, or you can have the student record and then listen to themselves reading or retelling the story.  Stories also are broken up into chapters, and the app’s navigation makes it easy to move between chapters and stories.

Rubycube is a great app to check out this winter – or any season!  See rubycube’s short tutorial video here for a preview: