Pediatric and Adult Speech Therapy

We are the premier provider of speech and feeding therapy on the south shore for children and adults. 


The Speech Language Pathology Center is owned and operated by speech-language pathologists.  We are an award-winning clinic featured on CBS 60-Minutes.  Our team is dedicated to providing exemplary speech-language pathology and feeding therapy in a supportive and nurturing environment.  

We are currently accepting new patients.  Call today to speak with a speech-language pathologist about your specific therapy needs!

Speech & Language Therapy Services

  • Articulation, phonological processing delays, verbal apraxia, and lisp remediation (i.e. Speech Buddies®, TalkTools®, Kaufman®)

  • Auditory processing and listening strategies (i.e. Forebrain®)

  • Expressive-receptive language disorders

  • Dyslexia - Reading intervention utilizing Wilson Reading Program®

  • Pragmatic and social skills training (i.e. Autism Spectrum)

  • Stuttering and fluency therapy

  • Aphasia and Primary Progressive Aphasia treatment (i.e. Constant Therapy®)

  • Cognitive therapy, including executive function disorder and post-concussion

  • Voice therapy for adults and children (i.e.: vocal nodules, dysfunction, etc.) with a referral from your ENT

  • Accent modification and reduction

  • Professional/public speaking training services (corporate discounts available)

Speech-Language Pathology Assessment

adult speech therapy

The first step to effective speech-language pathology intervention is an individual, in-depth assessment of speech, language and/or feeding skills.  All assessments include clinical observations as well as standardized and non-standardized evaluation tools.  Upon completion of testing, a diagnosis is formulated and a comprehensive report is written along with an individualized plan of care outlining the course of treatment.

If you have concerns about your child's speech or language skills, please call 781-792-2700 to schedule a FREE pediatric screening to determine if a full assessment is recommended. 

Feeding Therapy  "Picky vs. Problem"

healthy-food-for-our-children feeding.jpg

Ask the experts:  Picky vs. problem eaters?

Feeding therapy utilizing the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach® . A family-centered program for treating problem feeders.  It integrates postural, sensory, motor, behavioral, medical and nutritional factors to comprehensively evaluate and treat children with feeding and growth problems.  

Interview with CBS 60-Minutes "Apps for Autism"

apps for autism
  • Total communication solutions for individuals with speech and language deficits from our team of nationally recognized industry leaders.

  • Comprehensive assessment and consultation for private insurance and educational funding.

  • Assistive technology recommendations that promote speech, language and functional communication.

Insurance for Speech Therapy

We proudly accept the following insurance plans. Please contact us at 781-792-2700 to ask about your insurance benefits.  If your insurance plan is not listed please contact us directly as some providers allow for out-of-network coverage or for private pay rates.  

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Harvard Pilgrim Health

  • Tufts Health Plan

  • Cigna (Tufts)

  • Fallon Health

  • Allways

  • Partners (Allways - no increased tier SLP)

  • GIC (Allways - Tier 1 provider)

  • United Healthcare (HPHC)

  • Health Plans Inc (HPHC)

  • UMR (HPHC)

  • Medicare

iPad Workshops

iPad training speech therapy

Tammy Taylor, MS, CCC-SLP of SLPC offers a variety of workshops targeted at utilizing the iPad® for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Please contact us directly to inquire about customized iPad® workshops for your organization.  The following are sample conferences that have been offered in the past:

Customized Programming of iPad Apps Used for AAC & Speech Therapy: This hands-on workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to program various targeted iPad® apps for augmentative / alternative communication and / or video modeling. The focus of this workshop will include popular apps such as Proloquo2Go. In addition, clinicians will learn strategies for customizing "frugal" apps to increase carryover of speech therapy in various settings. 

Utilizing the iPad to Facilitate Communication and Speech Therapy: This presentation provided participants with a comprehensive overview of how to utilize iPads® with students who have communication impairments. Strategies were provided to evaluate features of AAC/speech apps and to implement iPads® in treatment based on individual needs. Discussion included appropriate modeling and carry-over.


Please note that we are located in Assinippi Park on Longwater Circle, which is off Longwater Drive.  The clinic is easily accessible on the first floor with FREE parking.


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