"Meet The Therapists" Series - Kathleen!

Welcome back to our “Meet the Therapists” series!  We hope you enjoyed meeting Tamara last week. This week we will introduce Kathleen! Kathleen is our newest team member and has been with the company since August of 2018.  She is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. Read on to find out more about Kathleen:


Where are you from? - I am originally from right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! However, I went to school in Baltimore, Maryland and my parents grew up on the South Shore.

What do you like most about Boston? - I love being so close to the ocean.

How did you decide to become an SLP? - I was unsure of my major going into college and decided to take a communication science class on a whim. I have been grateful for that whim ever since!

What are your professional areas of interest? - I find that my interests are ever changing as I learn about new areas in the field. I would say my top three at this time would be: early language development, post-traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, and phonological awareness.

What do you like to do in your free time? - I enjoy going to the beach, sitting by a fire, being with my family and family dog, and reading!

What is your favorite food? - I am in love with food. I think I’d have to say either a steak or ice cream, it is truly too hard to decide!

What is an interesting fact about yourself? - I have an obsession with dogs! I follow way too many dogs on social media! 

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Kathleen! Check back soon to learn more about our other team members!